Chojun Miyagi – Founder of Goju Ryu Karate Do

Karatedo in Okinawa can be broadly divided into two sects, Nahate and Shurite. The most popular school of Nahate is Goju-kai, which is a strain of Chinese Nanpa Shorin-ken. In 1930, the founder Chojun Miyagi named his school “Goju-ryu”. He cited a line to name his school from “Bubishi” which is a traditional book of Shorin-ken Hakkaku-mon in Fujian province, China.


The founder Chojun Miyagi defined essence of karatedo as that “Karatedo is a measure to train your body and mind, to keep in shape and to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.”

Fights of martial arts are fights of life or death. Therefore, we need to be serious and to concentrate on practice to learn techniques for survival in serious fights. To do so, Chojun Miyagi thought that a harmonious development of body and mind is necessary and he devised many training methods through his hard training.

He introduced modern point of view into conventional meditation and health program and developed Junbi Undo, or preparation exercise which was produced for improving your health, and Hojo Undo, or supplementary exercise which is practiced with equipment from an early stage of school’s development. He developed rational system of training. Junbi Undo and Hojo Undo are still actively used without any changes.

The basic Kata Sanchin, Kaishu, or open hand Kata Gekisai 1 and 2, Heishu, or closed hand Kata Tensho, authentic Kata of Kanryo Higaona Sensei such as Saifa, Seiyunchin, Shisochin, Sanseiru, Seipai, Kururunfa, Seisan and Suparinpei are instructed.

It is said that Sanchin is the basic Kata of Goju-ryu to study “Ki, Soku and Tai” which are necessary factors of martial arts, and this is a basic Kata for training to learn right breathing and posture for massive attack and defense techniques. The founder Chojun Miyagi studied Rokkish from Chinese boxing Nan-ha Shorin-ken Hakkaku-ken and developed Tensho as Heishu Kata. Tensho aims to study “Ki, Soku and Tai” as same as Sanchin and several Uke techniques and
attacking techniques by Shotei are featuring.

Mr Miyagi, having studied together with Gogen Yamaguchi at university in 1930, gave the responsibility of spreading Goju Ryu Karate throught mainland Japan.



Gogen 'The Cat'  Yamaguchi – 10th Dan  Founder of Goju Kai Karate Do

Gogen Yamaguchi was decorated with the awarded of Ranju-Hosho by the Emperor of Japan in 1968 and is even in the Guinness Book of Records for his rank and achievements.

​Goju Kai Karate is a federation that practices the art of Goju Ryu and as the founder of Goju Kai karate Do, Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi spread the art of Goju Ryu throughout the world.

One of his top students, Shuji Tasaki, well known as one of Gogen Yamaguchi’s most competent fighters, founded Seiwa kai Goju Ryu in 1971

Shuji Tasaki Hanshi – 9th Dan Founder of Seiwakai & Goshukan Goju Ryu Karate.

Born in 1933 in Tokyo, Japan, He began training under the strict tutelage of Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi.

Shihan Tasaki left Gogen Yamaguchi’s organisation to form Seiwa kai and Goshukan in 1971. He was awarded the rank of 9th Dan JKF Goju Kai in 2009 and served as JKF Goju Kai Chief of Board of Directors, central examiner and manager of Kanto region.

Seiwa Kai and Goshukan operate in over 50 countries throughout the world.

One of Tasaki Hanshi’s top students, Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi,  took over as president and grand master of Seiwa Kai and Goshukan after his death.

Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi – 8th Dan President of Seiwa Kai and Goshukan International.

Currently holds rank of 8th Dan Seiwa Kai and 8th Dan JKF Goju Kai and is a Overseas Director of the JKF Goju Kai.

Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi was born in 1950 and began his training under Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi and later studied under the late great Tasaki Shihan.

Top: Seiichi Fujiwara (right) with his Sensei, Shuji Tasaki

Below: Shuji Tasaki with his sensei, Gogen Yamaguchi

Leo Lipinski - Hanshi

8th Dan- Vice President Seiwakai & Goshukan International

Mr Lipinski Hanshi , held the rank of 8th Dan Seiwaikai and 8th Dan JKF Goju Kai having been a student of the late Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi and Shuji Tasaki Hanshi. Mr Lipinski was the first ever westerner to receive an 8th Dan in the JKF Goju Kai and therefor was the highest ranking non Japanese member. 


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