Goshukan ReachOut is the non-profit division of Goshukan Karate, South Africa and espouses strong Christian principles and positive mentorship models. We value the concept of enriching the existing education system by combining Karate and core physical development training and collaboratively partnering with Crèches, Pre-schools, Primary and High Schools. We wish to instil the traditional values of good discipline, respect, dignity and honour in the lives of these young people. We want to offer these children an alternate choice, to the ‘gangsterism’, crime and drug culture that surrounds them.

Goshukan ReachOut, in collaboration with Love Trust currently offers a free physical education/sport/karate program for vulnerable children from early childhood (birth to 6 years) through Pre/Primary and High School.  In addition to this, so that this journey of hope will succeed, Goshukan Karate and Love Trust offer SAQA accredited NQF level 4 training for crèche to primary school teachers - in the firm belief that teachers are the central levers for change. Strategic expert support is offered to identified EDC’s (Early Development Centres), Donor funded free schools and Low-Fee Independent Schools, which serve vulnerable children in communities of need.

In addition, with Karate now an official sport as of Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we can provide a realistic dream of sporting glory. Unfortunately in South Africa there is a lack of financial support for provincial or national athletes. Even though they place first in their divisions, they are often left at home and replaced with less qualified athletes who can afford to go. Goshukan already raises funds to make these top, underprivileged athlete’s dreams come true and sponsors many athletes to travel throughout Africa and the rest of the world.  Many of these athletes have already achieved great success in the national and international sporting arenas.


Using the Government and SASCOC Transformation for South African Sport Charter, we recognise that there is an almost desperate need to develop a broader base of skills within South African sport if it is to prosper and deliver sustainable winning performances. Many South Africans have been structurally marginalized as a direct consequence of a lack of basic skills training.


Equally important is the establishment of structured accredited training and education systems in all areas of human activity. These areas include, among others, administrators, coaches/referees, managers, first aiders (where required), ‘board/council’ members, trainers and educators. In the system people are progressively trained/educated as part of a multilevel skill and capacity development program. Accreditation of these programs is a key element as will be the structured deployment and retention of the newly skilled human capital base.



  • Fitness and Karate Educators, coaches and Instructors: Internationally ranked Karate fitness instructors who are deployed to teach at free and low fee schools

  • A registered HPSCA Paramedic: A full time employee to run registered first aid courses.

  • Registered Pastoral Educators: We offer free Christian leadership courses up to and including Bachelor of Theology Degree through George Whitfield Theological College.

  • Registered Teacher Training College: Offering SAQA registered NQF Level 4 & 5, teaching courses.

  • Students: We are already training, free of charge, over 3000 underprivileged students of all ages in areas all over the Western Cape and Gauteng and we are quickly spreading into other provinces.

  • Interest and demand: We have countless calls and requests for more studios and dojos in the underprivileged areas and are trying to raise the funds to make this possible.

  • Free Transport: We have 4 buses and 4 cars  which transport children and we wish to continue the free roll out of a larger fleet of vehicles as an alternative to the sometimes dangerous public transport. Achieving this, we could offer more transport for school children to and from educational excursions, sporting events and other school activities. We need many more such vehicles to keep up with the ever growing number of children we already serve.

  • Sponsorship of sport and traditional karate tours to empower and enable poorer athletes the opportunity to travel the world to compete at an international level



​For more information or to get involved visit: www.goshukanreachout.co.za

Goshukan ReachOut is a registered member of Love Trust and provides PBO, NPO, Section 18(a) (SARS) tax deduction benefits and B-BBEE accreditation.

PBO number is 9300319478

NPO number is 072-167

Empowerdex Rating in excess of 95% for Black Beneficiary Base, with a B-BBEE SED Recognition of 100%.


+27 079 472 4012

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